Round #3 Match: Wyandanch vs. Bay Shore

Final Round 2 Match Team Roster

Round 3 Match

On February 27th, 2013, Bay Shore High School hosted Wyandanch in the Third round of the 2013 New York High School Mock Trial Tournament. The Bay Shore Marauders, being the home team, played as the plaintiff, as Wyandanch played the Defense. The case being debated in court being Morgan Martin v. Cattaraugus Programming University, a civil case involving a former student looking for compensation after believing he/she were deceived in attending the University. After an entertaining match with great performances by both teams, notably rookies Sarah Rosner and Elizabeth McCabe competing in their first match, the presiding Judge determined a winner in both the merits of the case, and more importantly, the scoring which determines the winning team in terms of tournament play. Unlike the first round match, however, the winner of the merits case was not the winner of the match in terms of points. The judge determined that the Plaintiff (Bay Shore) did not meet their burden of proof by the preponderence of the evidence and thus the Judge found the Defense not liable on the merits of the case. Although Bay Shore did not win the merits, the Marauders remained undefeated as they won the match in terms of points. Congratulations to all those playing, especially Sarah and Elizabeth, and to the team as a whole on this win!

Attorneys (Sitting, Left to Right): 

Sarah Rosner, Caroline Cervera, Elizabeth McCabe

Witnesses (Standing, Left to Right): 

Evan Rosner, Payaum Sanatkar, (Lucille Bootman)*

*Lucille was not present for the picture but she did play as a witness during the match


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